Quote of the Week

"His clothes are filthy. His hair is windblown. His face has lost all color. He is beautiful."

"The unpalatable truth is that adversity breeds friendships that trascend moral judgements."

"Ah fuckin hate the way some American cunts call lassies cunts. Fuckin offensive, that shite."

"There is, after all, nothing more demoralising than coming fourth in an arse-licking competition."

"'Don't say disinterested. When what you mean is uninterested.'"

"'Soy el que no se levanta cuando el Caudillo habla por la radio.'"

"Una mujer de etnia herero, tribu del África Sudoccidental casi extinguida por el genocidio alemán, aún más brutal que el de los turcos contra los armenios."

"'Yes – but we don't snog behind bike sheds. We make love.'
She said that just just to freak me out. There really was no call for that kind of language."

" may chose from the terms 'street-walker',  'lady of the night', or 'member of the old profession'."

"If you are a guy, you have to embrace all things that go against your nature: thoughtfulness, sentimentality, caring, listening, and purchasing expensive gifts."

„So hatte es damals mit Baader-Meinhof auch angefangen, und am Ende waren alle tot oder in der DDR.

"Granny, as I went on to learn, was more terrified of fire than beer is of a thirsty old man."

"I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but no one ever said anything about the smell."

„Hundsföttern! Den Plural von ‚Hundsfott‘ hatte Bernie noch nie gehört. Welch ein Wort! Das mußte sei 1930 außer Gebrauch sein.

"Billing. Billing. He hoped he never saw another time sheet, never again glanced at his watch and divided an hour into tenths..."

„Das ist der Nachteil, wenn man zu attraktiv ist. Da kriegt man als junger Mensch zu wenig Kritik ab, und dann steht man später blöd da.“

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, and give them assault rifles. That's the U Street Crew."

"'If it is Luigi, he's maybe sick, maybe doesn't come tonight. Sometimes he works, sometimes not.'"

"A week later and forty miles up the Keys, an unemployed marijuana addict was living off a diet of illegal seafood."

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