Quote of the Week

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"In the great spectrum of human endeavor, what you do is negligible, maybe even worthless."

"Popel must have been in his mid-fifties and had curly gray hair that fall around his ears."

"...continuing to be the sort of gregarious asshole who wears pink button-ups and skinny pants."

"Funny how imortant those things seemed around here, the necessity to look like something,
a punk, a surfer, a biker, anything, so long as it wasn't a fucking hick.

"That's just the way it was, in those bygone days when 'It's a free country, isn't it?' was a phrase you heard in every schoolyard and sitcom.

"But then what was the use of pictures anyway? Nobody would ever see them."

"Gone are the days when I could eat jalapeņos, for example.
So long to dependable, nightlong slumber. Bye-bye to hair-free nostrils and ears.
Hello, allergies, two-pint hangovers, lower-back pain, and a size-36 waist.

"'There's a reason people shouldn't drink alone,' Gabrielle said. 'Now do you want to talk about NASA or not?'"

"Now the insurance gangsters got one of the most powerful lobbies around. When they say 'shit' the Man says 'what color'."

"She never recovered from discovering her two Austrian kitchen girls in bed with a plucky boy from Cardiff, the one they called the Welsh Dragon."

"A few puffs and the night would be spent searching wardrobe corners for invisible enemies.
Real life provided all the paranoia he could handle.

"They say a woman marries a man with the belief she can change him, and she can't.
A man marries a woman with the belief that she won't change, and she does.

"[...] part of a generation brought up to suspect themselves."