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"Granny, as I went on to learn, was more terrified of fire than beer is of a thirsty old man."

"I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but no one ever said anything about the smell."

„Hundsföttern! Den Plural von ‚Hundsfott‘ hatte Bernie noch nie gehört. Welch ein Wort! Das mußte sei 1930 außer Gebrauch sein.

"Billing. Billing. He hoped he never saw another time sheet, never again glanced at his watch and divided an hour into tenths..."

„Das ist der Nachteil, wenn man zu attraktiv ist. Da kriegt man als junger Mensch zu wenig Kritik ab, und dann steht man später blöd da.“

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, and give them assault rifles. That's the U Street Crew."

"'If it is Luigi, he's maybe sick, maybe doesn't come tonight. Sometimes he works, sometimes not.'"

"A week later and forty miles up the Keys, an unemployed marijuana addict was living off a diet of illegal seafood."

"'[...] My mother used to eat them after a week, so four days is fine. And how manyWürstchen?'
'Three - plus one for Gunnar.'"

"The laboratory for interpreters and translators studying languages from non-socialist countries is on the twenty-third floor of the university tower, a 1970's skyscraper that is meant to look like an open book but doesn't."

"We soon found out what a big-ass country Canada is. [...] Let's just say the beauty of the heartland is an acquired taste."


"'Los periodistas deportivos siguen intentando convencernos de que, si el mundo gira, es gracias al puñetero fútbol. La madre que los parió.'"

"I've tracked missing dinos and humans all my working life, and the one common thread I've found is that no matter how thoroughly their previous existence has been eradicated, the paper trail that has followed them all their lives still clings like barnacles to their personas."

"I mean, if this whole country went vegetarian tomorrow, we'd still have to keep cattle just to feed the fucking dogs. So who's smarter in the long run? Us or them?"

"[...] refer to Cool Parenting's Chapter 21, 'Teenagers and the Joy of Kleptomania,[sic]' quoting one of the surprising statistics, that it was common for teenagers to go through a period of 'appropriation' and  'embezzlement' (Mill, 2006). Sixty percent of the time it was something 'the youngster grew eventually out of, like Gothic makeup and skateboarding' (p. 183)."

"Individuals could live through almost anything (see Das unglaubliche Leben der [sic]Wolfgang Becker, Becker, 1953)

"Denial is like Versailles; it isn't the easiest thing to maintain."

"Además, nadie es inocente. Acaso los niños, y los perros. Y de los niños no estoy segura. Siempre acaban creciendo."

"Who did not grasp the one simple fact about the Soviet Union: that it was impossible to tell the truth here and live."

"...their extreme sensitivities about food will somehow demonstrate that they are exquisitely sensitive, highly tuned, finely bred people, not like the vulgar hoi-polloi who can eat anything."

"'I learned more from Black Flag than I ever did from Stevens or cummings[sic] or Yeats or even Lowell, but my God, holy shit, Black Flag is poetry man.'
'Black Flag ... Black Flag ... who is this Black Flag?'"

„‚Vielleicht aus dem gleichen Motiv wie damals Eifersucht.‘[sic]“

"The number of emotional cripples and close to certifieably insane people who hold down top jobs and run business empires - it's amazing."

"The radio was playing a tune by a singer who would kill himself a month after closure, not that the two were related in any way [...]. Here we are now, entertain us."

"(or embarazada, as the Mexicans so aptly put it)"

"Regular as clockwork the old excuses came back into the alert, sad and dissatisfied brain - nothing ever matched the deep excitement of the regular desire."

"'What difference it make if you kill a yellow man or a white bigot? You explain it to me, Lieutenant. You went to college.'"

"And if you don't like it, don't blame me. Blame Mr. Ruiz with his te cagarste [sic] at the break of dawn. And then kindly go fuck yourself!"

"'It's just my philosophy. You know. Pain can't kill you. Unless it's really bad.'"

Frau Klein hat a schwere Schlach auffe Kopp bekomme und war unne Droge.‘

"And for what?
So North Americans can get high."

"They gulped coffee, chewed their nails, and never thought they would be so excited about a trip to Iraq."

"And Ray, smiling in satisfaction, let him have his way."

"...they shot the President and machine-gunned the Congress and the army declared a state of emergency. They blamed it on the Islamic fanatics, at the time."

"We had to marry Ramón to Suli in a hurry because at thirteen he had fallen in love with a Haitian woman, for whose ardent steatopygia [...] witchcraft and exorcisms were no match."

Aquí la portada del mítico disco "Amor Frenopatico" del grupo Commando 9mm porque comparte diseño con el olvidado libro "MANICOMIO", ISBN: 84-7442-069-5, de Jordi Sierra i Fabra que cito a continuación:

"Sabían [
...] esas figuras [...] que el cerebro es la máquina más perfecta, pero también la más frágil del mundo?"

"And Ontario for breaking my heart."

„‚Ausgerechnet beim letzten Schabbes kann er nichts essen. Das werde ich diesen gottverdammten Nazis nie verzeihen.‘“